Friday, June 26, 2009

I have my spoilee... now what?!

Many of us campers are new to HSKS and/or swaps. I remember when I was starting my first swap and my biggest fear was: "will my spoilee like their package?!" So, in case I'm not alone in this fear, I'm here with a few tips.

  1. Start with the Wish List that everyone should have on their blogs. (Seriously, I was so glad when that became one of the early ways to earn bunk points!) However, that will only get you so far.

  2. Next, read between the lines a bit. Some campers may be very explicit about what they like and don't like, but others tend to be more open. So, dig a little further. Read some of their blog posts, look over their yarn stash, queue and project lists. It's amazing the little things you can learn, i.e., they love the ocean, collect antique glass or can't stand the color orange!

  3. Sometimes it helps to have a theme. With the HSKS swaps, a general theme (the love of HP and the house colors) is presented. This time around though, things are a bit more open. You could still stick with the love of HP, but you could also go with a hobby (like scrap booking or quilting) or another book they might like (it's possible!)

  4. Finally, and the most important, talk with your spoilee! If you have a question, ask. The BEST part of this swap are the people involved. We already have the common bond of a love of HP, but chatting and getting to know one another is what makes it the BEST swap to be involved with.
Next time we'll discuss places to get some really great goodies! In the meantime, if you have any questions, ask me (ashley dot cavell at gmail dot com or dramaqt99 on Ravelry) or your counselor. Happy spoiling!



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