Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Best Kits Voting

It's so sad to think that camp is almost over! We've all had such a great time, it's hard to say goodbye! But as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. But! There are still a few things that we need to do before we have that final sing-a-long around the campfire.

One of those is voting for the Best Kit. There have been a lot of kits coming in lately and they're all looking GREAT! If you look through the site through various other HSKS terms, you'll see that there are many prizes (badges) to be had. There's one for each house (or in this cabin) and then the grand prize winner.

If you look at the links for the cabins, you'll see some names with stars next to them. This means that their spoilee received their kit and posted about it. For example, if you click on Bevin Rae Mooney's name, it'll take you to Madam Ferula McGonagall's post about the kit she got from Bevin. So, clear as mud? It's easier than you think, look at your name on the list, if you don't have a star next to it and think you should, let me know. Also, if you DO have a star, click on your name and make sure it goes to your spoilees post about your kit. If anything is amiss, give me a shout. PM me on Ravelry (dramaqt99) or email me at ashley dot cavell at gmail dot com.

I'm giving everyone until Sunday to receive and post about the kits they get. That way, anyone who sent Saturday, August 15, will have a chance to be voted on. If you sent by Saturday but it's going overseas, let me know and we'll use the pictures you took to be voted upon. Don't worry, anyone who sent within the early send period will have a chance to be in the Best Kit competition. Again, if you have any questions about this, let me know.

Last thing (I promise!). Voting will begin Sunday, August 23 around 6:00pm (EDT). So, look over the kits and get an idea for who think is worthy of the Best Kit award. One caveat though. You cannot vote for the kit you sent or the kit you got! Good luck to everyone!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Where did you get that?!

So, you're beginning to get some great ideas for what you'd like to put in your spoilee's kit. Here are a few links to help you find some fun things. This one is just a starting off point. Feel free to add to it!
  1. Etsy (the link should take you to a list of HP themed items between $5-10)
  2. Knit Picks (this link will take you to a list of yarns in HP house colors). Many of our fellow campers also create GREAT hand dyed yarn in HP inspired color ways. Check out Crazy4Dying and Shelby B's Designs.
  3. Bookstores (like B&N or Borders) are good for the fun little HP games, like making your own time turner or snitch.
  4. Alivan's for candy. Although, I'm guessing since the movie is so close to coming out that you can find a lot in your local grocery store!
  5. Can't go wrong with Ravelry for patterns. This link will take you to a seach of HP patterns. There's also the The Leaky Cauldron for fun off the wall projects.

Like I said, this is just a starting off point. Let everyone know if you have found some great finds!

Friday, June 26, 2009

I have my spoilee... now what?!

Many of us campers are new to HSKS and/or swaps. I remember when I was starting my first swap and my biggest fear was: "will my spoilee like their package?!" So, in case I'm not alone in this fear, I'm here with a few tips.

  1. Start with the Wish List that everyone should have on their blogs. (Seriously, I was so glad when that became one of the early ways to earn bunk points!) However, that will only get you so far.

  2. Next, read between the lines a bit. Some campers may be very explicit about what they like and don't like, but others tend to be more open. So, dig a little further. Read some of their blog posts, look over their yarn stash, queue and project lists. It's amazing the little things you can learn, i.e., they love the ocean, collect antique glass or can't stand the color orange!

  3. Sometimes it helps to have a theme. With the HSKS swaps, a general theme (the love of HP and the house colors) is presented. This time around though, things are a bit more open. You could still stick with the love of HP, but you could also go with a hobby (like scrap booking or quilting) or another book they might like (it's possible!)

  4. Finally, and the most important, talk with your spoilee! If you have a question, ask. The BEST part of this swap are the people involved. We already have the common bond of a love of HP, but chatting and getting to know one another is what makes it the BEST swap to be involved with.
Next time we'll discuss places to get some really great goodies! In the meantime, if you have any questions, ask me (ashley dot cavell at gmail dot com or dramaqt99 on Ravelry) or your counselor. Happy spoiling!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

HSKS8 Summer Camp

Coming Soon!

The pic is a portkey to the new HSKS8 Summer Camp Blog.
Also, check us out on Ravelry!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Who Won?

Announcements to be made today on the HSKS7 Blog!! Thank you to everyone who voted!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Voting Has Begun!

Kits are separated by houses so that you can find them similar to the HSKS7 page. Visit all the links listed on the left hand side of this blog by house. The links go directly to the blog post about the spoilers kit. For example, if you go to my name, Bevin Rae Mooney, it will link directly to my spoilee and the blog she wrote about the kit I made for her.

Here are the rules for voting:

1- You cannot vote for the kit you sent or received.

2- Vote for the one kit that you think is the most complete and that you felt met or exceeded the spoilees wishes. You can give comments as to why you liked it if you choose.

3- Vote for the one bag that you think is the best. Just the bag. Why did you like this one the best?

Email bevinraemooney "at" gmail "dot" com by Midnight PST, Sunday, May 10th with your votes.

Headmistress Wartbobble will announce the winner and a plaque for your blog will be emailed to you next week!

Good Luck Witches and Wizards!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Voting Begins Tomorrow Morning!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Best Kits Voting Coming Soon!

Starting Monday April 20th

Links to Received kits will be on the sidebar

Some gorgeous kits have been sent and received so far...

Have you sent pics of the kit you made to bevinraemooney "at" gmail "dot" com yet?

Have you posted a blog of the kit your spoiler made you yet?
Voting Begins Soon!!

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